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Posted on 28 August, 2017
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delayedgratificationmusic.com -Con Con definition is - something (such as a ruse) used deceptively to gain another's confidence; also : a confidence game : swindle. How to use con in a sentence.

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Definition of Con by the free dictionary. con-(word root) with, together, in association Examples of words with the root con-: convene con 1 (kŏn) adv. In opposition or disagreement; against: debated the issue pro and con. n. 1. An argument or opinion against something. 2. One who holds an opposing opinion or view. [Short for contra.] con 2 (kŏn) tr.v. conned, con·ning, cons Archaic 1. To

Definition of con at dictionary.com. Con definition, against a proposition, opinion, etc.: arguments pro and con. See more.

Meaning in the cambridge english dictionary. con definition: 1. to make someone believe something false, usually so that that person will give you their money…. Learn more.

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